Affirm Customer Service Social Network

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Affirm are on Twitter and Facebook and that’s great if you are too (we’re guessing you are since you’re here). Generally, companies respond quickly to customer requests made via Twitter and Facebook because they know the conversation is public.

However, many customer service teams are not equipped to actually solve problems over Twitter and Facebook and they will often reply quickly to tell you to call or direct you to their help desk. We’re not saying that Affirm will do this, but don’ be surprised if they do.

Affirm Customer Service Social Network Support

Affirm is very concerned about the convenience. You can get all information or consultation anywhere and anytime. For this reason, Affirm has built access to services as well as they can.

Affirm customer service social network needs to be known by customers as good services. So that, whenever there are questions about Affirm that cannot get answers from Affirm’s website.

Customer Support through Twitter and Facebook in General

Affirm’s Facebook Business Page is one way to contact customer service and see if they are on Messenger at the same time. We don’t always recommend this as the best way to reach them, and you can see our other suggestions righ there. If there’s a better, faster way to speak to a customer service rep about your issue, we got it.

One reason that so few customers prefer to speak with businesses over Facebook is that the conversation is more private than, say, a conversation with Affirm over Twitter.

If you would like to contact them through social media you may reach them at:

  • Affirm customer service could be contacted via: Facebook
  • You can also reach Affirm support via: Twitter