IC Solutions contact number

IC Solutions Contact Number

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IC Solutions contact number is 1 (888) 506-8407. If you need to talk to a live person in IC Solutions customer service you need to dial 1 (888) 506-8407.  To speak with a live agent you need to know about their customer service.

If you need another service from IC Solutions current customers you can select one of these options:

IC Solutions Contact Number Options

IC Solutions is very concerned about the convenience. You can get all information or consultation anywhere and anytime. For this reason, IC Solutions has built access to services as well as they can.

IC Solutions contact number needs to be known by customers as good services. So that, whenever there are questions about IC Solutions that cannot get answers from IC Solutions’s website. Then you can directly contact IC Solutions customer service by phone, e-mail, and mailing address.

If you want to contact IC Solutions customer service. These ways to contact with a IC Solutions support agent:

IC Solutions Customer Service Hours

IC Solutions live customer service agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your questions and process your purchase.

IC Solutions Live Chat Support

IC Solutions doesn’t offer live chat support. Best way to contact IC Solutions is to call them at 1 (888) 506-8407.

IC Solutions Mailing Address


Attn: Customer Service Department/Debit Telephone Account

2200 Danbury Street

San Antonio, TX 78217

When purchasing prepaid phone services through a mail-in purchase, please be sure to include with your payment:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your daytime Telephone Number
  • Name of the Facility
  • Inmate’s Name
  • Inmate’s Facility ID Number

When purchasing prepaid phone services through a mail-in purchase, please be sure to include with your payment, your name, address and the designated telephone number you wish to receive calls from.

IC Solutions Support E-mail

If you have other questions at e-mail you can send your questions at Contact Form.

Contacting IC Solutions – By Phone Number or Otherwise

While IC Solutions contact number is 1 (888) 506-8407. There are 3 ways to contact IC Solutions, are by phone, e-mail, and mailing address. You can choose one of them if you need to talk to live person with Support Agent.