How to Find Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

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Navy Federal Credit Union routing number, like the similar nine-digit codes of any other financial institutions is easy to find on every printed check, issued by Credit Union.

Its location is also fixed – on the left side at the bottom of the check. The next number may vary by the number of digits and points out at the personal account number.

This combination is applied to route bank operations as well as for direct transactions.

Routing number for Navy Federal Credit Union is not confidential information. It is easy to find it on website of the institution or calling to the their customers support.

You may also learn the routing number directly at the branch office.

In definite cases financial institutions may assign another routing numbers to their accounts. It depends on the area (state), where the given account was initialized.

Different routing number can be also utilized for foreign bank operations, checking accounts or for savings.

Navy Federal Credit Union is the large financial cooperative in the United States of America with headquarters in Vienna (Virginia). It is represented and operated by the National Credit Union Administration.

Navy Federal is considered to be the largest organization (credit union) by the size of total assets (about $78 billion USD) and its members (nearly 6.4 million).

Navy Federal Credit Union routing (transit) number is used universally for all types of payments.

Find the Navy Federal Credit Union routing number

AlabamaABA: 256074874
AlaskaABA: 256074874
ArizonaABA: 256074874
ArkansasABA: 256074874
CaliforniaABA: 256074874
ColoradoABA: 256074874
ConnecticutABA: 256074874
DelawareABA: 256074874
District of ColumbiaABA: 256074874
FloridaABA: 256074874
GeorgiaABA: 256074874
HawaiiABA: 256074874
IdahoABA: 256074874
IllinoisABA: 256074874
IndianaABA: 256074874
IowaABA: 256074874
KansasABA: 256074874
KentuckyABA: 256074874
LouisianaABA: 256074874
MaineABA: 256074874
MarylandABA: 256074874
MassachusettsABA: 256074874
MichiganABA: 256074874
MinnesotaABA: 256074874
MississippiABA: 256074874
MissouriABA: 256074874
MontanaABA: 256074874
NebraskaABA: 256074874
NevadaABA: 256074874
New HampshireABA: 256074874
New JerseyABA: 256074874
New MexicoABA: 256074874
New York, DownstateABA: 256074874
New York, UpstateABA: 256074874
North CarolinaABA: 256074874
North DakotaABA: 256074874
OhioABA: 256074874
OklahomaABA: 256074874
OregonABA: 256074874
PennsylvaniaABA: 256074874
Rhode IslandABA: 256074874
South CarolinaABA: 256074874
South DakotaABA: 256074874
TennesseeABA: 256074874
TexasABA: 256074874
UtahABA: 256074874
VermontABA: 256074874
VirginiaABA: 256074874
WashingtonABA: 256074874
West VirginiaABA: 256074874
WisconsinABA: 256074874
WyomingABA: 256074874

Navy Federal routing number for all electronic transfer is 256074874.

To carry out wire transfer to Navy Federal the following information is required:

  •  Account number of Navy Federal Credit Union
  •  Name of account holder
  •  Navy Federal Credit Union routing number (NFCU RTN) – 256074874, which is valid for all types of bank operations of Navy Federal, including electronic money transfer, wire transfer, direct deposit etc.

There is no separate Navy Federal routing (transit) number for wire transfer.